It’s amazing how different you can feel when you’re treating yourself right.  What’s funny, is that most people tend to treat others, especially their family, better than they treat themselves. It is ok to treat yourself well!

About 1.5 weeks ago I joined a local Body Transformation Challenge.  I did this because I have gained weight I had recently lost primarily because I have gotten into my poor habits from the past.  Maybe my competitive spirit (there is one?) and motivation can be boosted by the thought of a cash payout and rising to the top of about 700 people.

Let’s see how I’ve done.  Am I eating healthy?  Yes, when I want to.  I still eat candy and I still eat out.  I have significantly decreased my eating out, but eating junk food has increased.  What is going on?! I’ve added exercise.  I have not done that in years.  Hopefully burning a few extra calories will help offset the added calories in the sweets. 

Here’s the good news, I can change.  Every day can be a new start.  It’s an 8 week challenge, I have to change to make my goal.  My goal?  Lose 20lbs of body fat.  Note that is not 20lbs of weight.  I anticipate increasing my muscle mass, so my weight may not decrease significantly.  That’s why I chose to identify fat loss specifically.

Of course, weight loss is not the only way to be healthy.  For those of us that are overweight, weight loss can impact our health significantly.  But, no matter what one has to change to live a healthy life, it is hard to do it alone.  For that reason, you will find weight loss groups, support groups for those with alcoholism, support programs for those quitting smoking, many educators and support people for those dealing with specific health issues ie. diabetes.  The message, don’t go it alone. 

I had huge success a year ago when my husband decided to change his eating habits, too.  I felt obligated to honor his nutrition commitment, and, it seems, more than my own.  Here is where the idea of caring for others is sometimes put before caring for ourselves.  Now, I am on my own.  I have my coach, who is wonderful, but having that person at home was my saving grace. 

Now, it is a change of mind.  This is a new path for me.  I have to learn to put myself first.  Have you mastered this skill?  Any hints?  I realized, when I lost weight a year ago, how much better I felt and how easy it was to keep up with my kids and the increased energy at work.  I am hoping that recalling these feelings will help motivate me to stay on track.  So far, it has not.  But that is ok.  I realize that I am not always recalling that feeling.  I will do that every time I reach for a sweet or run for a donut.  Not to mention the money I’ll be saving by not buying donuts every morning! 

So here I am, on a new journey, which will be one of many, many, more, to create that not so average life.  Imagine, taking care of yourself so that you can take care of those you love so much.  What a novel idea!

5 thoughts on “A Healthy Body does a Life Good

  1. So true. It’s incredibly difficult for me as well to hold myself accountable for changes within myself. I find I’m eating much healthier since having a child because it’s important to me that HE eats well. As he gets older and eats the same things we do, I’m greatly reducing the junk because I don’t want it to become the norm for him.

    Good luck on your journey. You should post updates on your progress so we can provide you encouragement!

    1. Kira,

      Thanks for the support, suggestions and encouragement.

      I, too, try to eat better for my children. It did not work for my 15yo. Now that she has her own money, she loves to find junk food. But for my 3yo and 23-month-old, they get no items with sugar. My 3yo is very sensitive to sugar and the side effects are horrendous. That is motivation enough to keep the kids eating only healthy food.

      I will give occasional updates on my journey. Thanks for suggesting that.

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