Let me start out by saying, “Yes! You are worth it!”  We are all here for a reason.  The simple fact that you exist is proof enough that you are worth it.  Whatever you are pursuing, dreaming of, aspire to be, is validation that you are worth every bit of whatever it takes to get you there.

Peppered throughout this land of ours, are the multitudes of nay sayers.  I couldn’t tell you why, though I am sure there are studies that can, people seem to be more apt to knock down others than to build them up.  Those people who succeed, live their dream, have found their definition of happiness, are deaf to the nay sayers.  I believe that is a huge key to happiness.  Believe in yourself, your worth, no matter what others might be shouting at you. 

I have a friend, she moved when we were in elementary school.  We stayed in touch, but were never close again.  My brother would make fun of her saying she couldn’t sing and would never be successful. Many years later I searched her online to tell her some news.  I was so happy when I found her listed as a success in the music business.  I loved calling my brother and rubbing it in his face.  After we caught up, I asked her, what advice would she give to someone who wants to get to where she was?  She said, you cannot listen to all the people that tell you no.  You must ignore them.  This woman is strong.  Even as a young child she did not let the negativity of one person kill her dream. I smile when I think of that. 

Yes, this is sometimes much harder than it seems.  Not listening to those shouting at you can be very difficult. It is even more so when it is people who are close to you that seem to want to see you fail.  I am always fighting those who tell me I cannot do something.  It seems to me, there are more people saying no to me than yes.  I can name 3 people who say I can succeed and probably close to 100 who say I cannot. 

Is it healthy to have an I-told-you-so attitude?  That is how I used to handle these people.  If someone told me I couldn’t, I tried very hard to show them that I could.  I seemed to have lost that drive as I have gotten older, maybe I’m not as naïve or innocent.  Now, I simply do not let anyone know what I am up to.  I figure, once I succeed, they will know what I am up to, and the opportunity to say I will fail would have passed.  I am not quite sure if this is healthy, either.

It is the belief in yourself that makes all the struggle worth it.  This belief is what you must share to get others to believe it is worth it to invest in you, your dream, your path, just you.  If they can see what you have to offer, they will then know that you are worth everything.  No matter, what other people say or do, as you push along to reach that goal, only hear the voices of those saying you’ll make it, you’re worth it.

Sure, there is more to it than this, but that is too much to write in a blog.  But believing in yourself and believing you are worth the investment, is the foundation of your happiness.  Knowing, and trusting, in yourself will get you to a not so average life.  No dream is silly or stupid.  Wherever you find happiness is the best place to be.  You are worth it.

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