I would say that everyone has a goal to be happy.  The goal itself may not be to find happiness, but the reason one yearns for that goal is because it is that which will bring happiness.  I often reflect on my days and on my life.  I see how my life intersects with other’s lives.  Then I begin to wonder what is their goal?  What is their motivation and what brings them to the same place I was in that moment?

It is what motivates you that drives your direction, that creates your world, your reality.  There is a reason you believe attaining this goal will bring you happiness. This is your motivation. My goal?  To work for myself, on my terms, to allow time for which my family can be together and maintain the lifestyle to which we have become accustom.  That is both my goal and my motivation.  Some people refer to what motivates you as to your “why”.  Why it is that you want to achieve this goal.

You must identify your “why”, or your motivaiton. When you can pinpoint what it is that is driving you to go down the road on which you are traveling, you have the golden goose.  This will keep giving you golden eggs to keep you strong on your journey.  Remaining focused on the goal is difficult and it is the “why” that drives you back in and on to the road that leads to your goal.

The reason, your “why”, must be strong.  It must be very powerful.  The power of your “why” will be very overwhelming and will bring you to tears.  For some, this is very humbling yet eye opening.  I was told this many times.  Crying is not something that I do.  It is more important to be strong, I don’t have time for such things as tears.  I knew my why; my children.  I want to be with them as much as possible.  Why would this make me cry?

But I reflect.  As I spent time reflecting, my why hit me like a ton of bricks.  It wasn’t simply that I wanted to spend time with my children.  I want to be with my children NOW!!  That is the difference.  Simply being aware that I wanted to be with my children didn’t move me into action.  My children are going to be around for many years.  There is no urgency to be with them, I can take my time. 

It was when I began to see how I felt when I was away from my children that drove home the point that my desire was to be with them now.  Not 5 years from now, but today, tomorrow and every day in the future.  This brought me to tears.  I didn’t realize the urgency of this goal.  That is what made me cry.  I was missing out on time that I will never get back and I was not changing my ways or truly putting myself into action. 

So, I accept the expression of crying and I am humbled.  I am not ashamed as this epiphany has brought me into a place that will propel me into something much larger than I could imagine.  It is going to be the feeling of being with my children at all opportunities and them knowing their parents are always accessible to them.  Work will not get in the way of family.  My why is visible, my golden goose began laying her eggs.

Now, the task is yours.  You’re on your way to something better.  It may be slow going, but as soon as you find your “why” you will pick up momentum.  Here is what I want you to do, but not for me, but for yourself.  You must identify what it is that you want that will make your life not so average.  Then when you’ve got that, look at why it is that you what to attain that goal.  Dig deep, keep a journal, practice reflection, and your “why” will show itself to you.  You will know because it will bring you to tears. 

When you know both your goal and your why, share it with me.  I want to know the goal and the why so I can help you reach your goal.  What a wonderful place this would be if we all were happy, living a not so average life, and living our purpose.  For the more of us there is, the larger the impact we will make.

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