Life can be expensive.  I truly believe that can be dispelled with some good thriftiness.  I mean think about it, almost every store has a sale.  I also have, in my wallet, you just might in yours, at least 10 loyalty/saver cards from 10 different stores.  On top of that I also have a few apps on my phone that also offer discounts that can be scanned at the register when making a purchase.  Not to mention the texts and emails with special offers as well. With all of this, how can life truly be expensive?!!

Yep, I’ve got kids, a cat, a house, a car, etc…. I’m living the American dream, right?  Um, sure, you could say that, but I think a lot of it has to do with being thrifty to make it work.  To make my life not so average, I have to be thrifty.  There are challenges to my thriftiness.  A huge one might be my 14 year old daughter.  She is at the age, 15 in 3 days, where image is everything.  That would include the label that is on the item as well, even underwear, because her friends are seeing that when she’s in class, right? Lucky for me, she has followed suit with my thriftiness.  Can you believe this?  When it came time for school clothes shopping she asked if I could take her to the thrift store!!  Yes!!  I can take you to the thrift store (as I did my happy dance)!  School clothes this year cost me under $100!!!  And the teenage girl was happy, too!  Yay!!

I wonder if the 3 year old and 20 month old will learn to be thrifty as well.  I remember asking my mom once, “How did you make sure that I never got into trouble, never got into the wrong crowd.  It’s not like you ever talked to me about it.”  Her response, “By example.”  Will these other two learn to be thrifty by example?  I think so.  I think this because their father is also in love with a deal.  The fault lies in having to purchase something simply because it is a deal.  You have to learn restraint.

Getting a good deal can surely be thrilling, but purchasing in excess is not thrifty!  It is the complete opposite. A good deal can be very hard to pass up.  Here’s a simple test, ask yourself if you can continue your life as it is without the item.  If the answer is yes, then the deal belongs to someone else. My daughter, couldn’t pass up a $20 shirt at the thrift store.  To me, I’m spazing at the cost.  Really?  $20 at a thrift store? She could have got a new shirt for $20 at Target.  She obviously does not get the thrift shop concept.  Like I said, I spazzed,… the register because that is when I learned of her costly, thrifty purchase.  Learn by example, right?  So, my kid is going to be a spaz, not a thrifter.

The point is, a deal is not always a deal.  A deal is not always something you should have.  If there is something you really need, check the sales, your emails, texts, apps and cards in your wallet, and you are almost guaranteed a deal.  You can really make a deal if you pile all these together.  Once, at the drug store, getting necessary toiletries, my $75 dollar bill was slashed to a simple $25!

My daughter’s birthday is in 3 days.  She picks a restaurant that does not have coupons, text offers, email offers, and app, or a loyalty card.  Her gift request, a piercing.  I cannot say that I have ever seen a body piercing coupon.  This is where I keep my perspective and appreciate my earlier savings and rationalize that it is with these savings that I am able to get her the piercing and take her to dinner.  Yep, life can be expensive, if you let it happen like that.

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